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Name : Azizah Aziz

Address : Taman Damai Jaya 06000 Jitra ,Kedah. Malaysia

Sex : Female

Race : Malay

Religion : Muslim

Marital Status : Married

Place of Birth : Kelantan

Date Of Birth : Mei 20th, 1966

Hobbies : Shopping and Cooking


Master of Science in Information Technology, Northern University of Malaysia. August 2002.
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Arkansas State University, USA. Graduated in December 1988.


Seeking to initiate professional career in an environment where a solid background and relevant working experience would be challenged to offer growth potential.


a. Skim Khidmat Siswazah (Universiti Utara Malaysia. ; 1989 - 1990)Job involved in developing the Sistem Mesyuarat Majlis for UUM filing system using Ingres (4th Generation Language).

b. Programmer (Universiti Utara Malaysia. ; 1990 - 1994) Job involved in maneuvering WordPerfect and Microsoft Packages family to support the user's need and handling the courses for these packages. Involve in giving training to UUM staff and other organisation in Kedah as WordPerfect and Microsoft are concern.

c. System Analyst (Universiti Utara Malaysia. ; 1994 - 1995) Specializing in Networking and Office Automation. Job involved in maintenance of the UUM network and monitoring the usage of the office automation package. Handling the courses for the UUM users and entertain the problems regarding network and software. Doing the case study for the network implementation and also benchmarking new software to be used in UUM.

d. Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah (Institut Perguruan Darul Aman ; 1996 ) attained Education courses majoring in Information Technology at Institut Perguruan Darul Aman.

e. Lecturer (Institut Perguruan Darul Aman ; 1997 - curent ) Specializing in Information Technology at Institut Perguruan Darul Aman.


Good in reading, writing and speaking in both Bahasa Melayu and English. Good command in minicomputer and personal computer. Good in WordPerfect Family Packages, Microsoft Office Packages, Presentation Software, Basic, Dbase, Oracle, Ingres, Multimedia Software and HTML.


Articulate, thorough, hardworking and self motivated.


Prof. Madya Nazib bin Nordin, Pensyarah , Sekolah Teknologi Maklumat, Universiti Utara Malaysia 06010 UUM SINTOK Phone 04-7005146

En. Jusni Nasirun, Ketua Jabatan Teknologi Pendidikan, Institut Perguruan Darul Aman 06000 Jitra Kedah 04-9182319

En. Abdul Ghani Golamdin, Pengarah Pusat Komputer, Pusat Komputer Universiti Utara Malaysia 06010 UUM SINTOK Phone 04-7005172