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How can I create variables that are available in all scripts?

How can I create an array to access from various scripts without passing it using GET or POST?

Jan 22nd, 2000 10:34

Nathan Wallace, Matt Gregory, Dave Martindale

Use the require function:

Create a globals.php3 script, put your array inside:

    //script globals.php3
    $myarray[] = "Item1";
    $myarray[] = "Item2";
    $myarray[] = "Item3";

then require the script in any scripts which need the array:

    //script usearray.php3

You can use the auto_prepend_file directive to automatically include the
globals.php3 file before all scripts on a site.

Remember that if you want to use the declared variables inside a
function you will need to define them as being global in that function. 
For example:

    function test () {
        global $myarray;
        // do stuff

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